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WTS HMB235 with premium propulsion and other options

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  • WTS HMB235 with premium propulsion and other options

    Hello there,

    Selling a pre-loved frame HMB235 (with custom 3d-printed millennium falcon-styled landing gears), with the following package:

    All fasteners to build the frame that comes stock with the kit provided.

    With slightly used Drone Matters hk blue series 12A Esc directly soldered to Sunnkyskies 2208 /2300kv motors (already mounted on frame so you won;t get confused) ---- 230sgd (40 dollars to the frame, 190 to the propulsion)


    with BRAND NEW and unused 12a afro esc (non-opto) with 4x Multistar elite 2204 2300kv CCW motors) ---- 170SGD (45 dollars to the frame, 125 to the propulsion)
    (confirmed working, did a bench test)


    additional options
    Skyzone 200mw --- + 22 dollars (with stock kit)
    AFRO NAZE32 --- + 25 dollars (soldered with horizontal pins config, throw in a custom 3d printed (gold color), designed by me case)
    600tvl FPV Camera --- +12.5 dollars (Free if you add in the above 2, it;s a cheap cheap camera)
    PDB --- Not required, my camera and tx all run off 12v
    LC FILTER 1.7A type --- + 6 dollars (with custom 3d printed case free)

    any other thing --- request, I may have and willing to sell...

    buy everything above (1 propulsion plant package only, no need to buy both packages...) I will throw in a FPV250 pre-loved frame with Long Frame Upgrade F.O.C

    or if you want the above propulsion packages with this frame, just minus the frame prices above can le.

    PM me or Message me at 94791290 for more details or to express interest

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