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  • how solid wood floor board of choose and buy

    of children room decorate be taken seriously by everybody all the time, want to be offerred for the child best, cannot be defeated to go up in the scratch line, of children room it is the most important to decorate is a floor,can you put on a composite decking Floor of choose and buy when, the attention examines the environmental protection level of the floor, level of environmental protection of best choose and buy is the product of E0, decorate the harm that pollutes pair of children in order to decrease.
    2. foot has felt
    The child likes barefoot commonly to-and-fro in the room, because this had better choose a foot to feel better, compare soft floor. At the same time skid resistance can should better, prevent the child easy trip. plastic composite flooring price At the same time concave and convex decorative pattern and aperture blunder easily also the child of toddle, floor surface is so slick level is very important.
    3. wear-resisting
    Because a few children are lively good move,composite board replacement stairs like to run to run in the room at ordinary times and delimit with the thing etc, because this needs a floor,compare wear-resisting.
    4. sound insulation
    If the child compares din, to do not affect the life of downstair resident, had better choose the floor board with quiet tone more outstanding effect.
    Convenient and clean: Children room floor board must facilitate clean, do not have uneven decorative pattern, juncture, because any dot in dropping these juncture not carefully are likely,become the child's potential menace.