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    normal circumstances, a structural transformation will take place. The transformation to high value-added and technology-based industries and the transformation and upgrading toward environmental protection and sustainable development will become the benchmark and demonstration of the world. In this process of transformation, China's well-known enterprises are the first march and the backbone, they represent the future development of China's forestry industry,deck railing see landscape architecture a new image. After the forum, representatives of industry
    experts from all over the world came to Shengyang Danyang Production Base accompanied by Shi Feng, vice president and secretary general of China Forest Products Industry Association. The characteristics of the industrial chain of Shengli Green Industry Chain were all under the guidance of everyone Concern from the timber cultivation to the substrate processing to the production of wood products not only the quality of the whole process of control,wood chair plans free and the environmental protection system has been certified by relevant
    international organizations, China's environmental certification mark in China is superior quality and environmental behavior of common expression. The delegation came to the Holy Elephant three-story solid wood factory, St. Elephant Group Hongyi solid wood factory general manager Zhong Wei (first left) personally received and Saint Elephant solid wood three-layer solid wood flooring products introduced in detail the study of American hardwood and import Lynn Squires,plastic wall panels advantage car a business association, said that the forestry enterprises in