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    operating brands, manufacturers have certain requirements of the store area, and some even made large stores. Some dealers said the off-season sales of large stores or not enough to pay rent and property costs. From the input-output ratio, the benefit is not high. It is understood that in the first and second tier cities,what is the best deck board
    floor distributors to build a 100 square meters of high-end brand stores, at least 500,000 to start the capital, only the design costs, model, jewelry, materials and other costs count down to build up to 800 -1000 yuan /
    square meter, rent quarterly delivery plus one month's deposit. In the prefectures and cities to build a 100 square meters of storefront, start-up capital of about 15-20 million, so the dealer input is relatively small, bear the risk is also small.neo decking boards suppliers of medical equipment
    As a result of investment in building a shop, a larger investment in second and second tier cities, and decoration design costs manufacturers are often rebates or in kind to the dealer subsidies, dealers assume greater operational risk. Floor exhibitors exhibitors are as follows: St. Elephant floor floor
    or up to the floor of Nanjing Monkey King floor Vader Wood (Suzhou) Jiangsu Kaili Wood Co., Ltd. Chuzhou Yangtze Wood Co., Ltd. Guangdong Decoration (Parker floor) Industrial Co., Ltd. Guangzhou FUNO Wood Co., Ltd. Yixing set up bamboo Products Co., low fence gardening
    Ltd. Guangzhou Yi Funuo Wood Co., Ltd. Mudanjiang City, Zhongshan University