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    their own Brand. Method two: shrink front, emphasizing the input-output ratio Although this self-help method can not ensure that 'to make the world', can not ensure that 'a profit', but at least to help SMEs control the floor of the process of things, at least to protect the enterprise retreat, at least To a great extent, it eliminates the worries of business pains and worries of failure.pre fab picket fence myanmar song
    More importantly, it can prolong the survival time of enterprises and increase the chance of survival. A key point, a solid enterprise, practice good internal
    strength. Adhere to a multi-angle understanding of the environment, adhere to the depth of mining advantages, adhere to a comprehensive inventory of resources, not in a hurry, wood plastic healthy deck boats
    not unjust, not to follow suit, loss of opinion. The key point Second, business development is a continuous investment process. And investment is nothing more than a matter of input and output. Pay attention to the input-output ratio, that is, to minimize costs, to maximize efficiency, to ensure the smooth passage of time. Method three: to create a strong brand
    with low cost There are many flooring SMEs doubt, is it possible to do a lot of money brand? Why is there such a question? This is because: We are 'accustomed to' big floor companies doing generous generous brand, spending big bucks, spending billions of dollars; we are 'accustomed to' the rhetoric of multinational companies, such as, in order to shape the brand, would rather lose 10 years; we 'used to' and copy Brand consulting firm's imitation strategy, rectangle above ground pool sizes
    there is no big innovation, can only spend a lot of money, on the