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  • development and research of composite

    of Nanxun are normal, there is no impact due to the volume of sales discontinued or closed, this is almost no. The entire industry, our individual business, because it is not engaged in the main business, but the emphasis on other, for example, to guarantee other industries, agents, there have been to build how to build a fence with pre built panels
    The actual relationship with our entire industry is not big. Sohu Reporter: Still relatively stable. Jiang Xuelin: Yes, it is
    healthy too. We wood flooring industry compared with other industries, we are very stable, other industries even bigger fluctuations. There is room for profit in Nanxun, but profit margins have declined. It should be said. As we all know, in response to financial constraints, sales have declined, marketing costs have risen, and production costs have risen. Each enterprise has been adjusted according to their different circumstances, people say how winter, have a set,composite decking fence
    especially Nanxun enterprises, Nanxun enterprises have basically
    done for ten years, have a certain basis, there are certain markets, Prospects are not sad. The larger industry is not large enterprises, small businesses more flexible. Because Nanxun this industry there are three patterns. The first is to do a complete brand, part of the brand is done, part of the whole country for OEM processing, there are some enterprises to do a single tree species, semi-finished products for all companies to provide semi-finished products, can be said to be raw materials , Can be said that the product.
    The three floors of the entire floor are more reasonable and relatively standard, and the three are highly complementary. Nanxun did not appear this year, a business because of production problems, or sales problems, and there have been cut-off, garden storage chest custom made
    shut down things, in fact, is relatively stable. After the industrial agglomeration has its effect of agglomeration, including all costs are declining, the logistics is also very obvious, we Nanxun more prominent point is more convenient logistics, logistics and prosperity of the entire industry. In