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  • when you buy house should be attention

    moderately dry. Maintenance method four: waxed furniture if used in the year, the gloss will gradually disappear, affecting its appearance. Encounter this situation, the floor wax, beeswax and other baked in the sun or fireside soft, with the old leather shoes brush repeatedly rub, so that the brush is covered with a lot of tiny wax particles. And then use this brush covered with wax particles in the furniture repeatedly brush, this method is called 'dry shaking wax.' After the 'dry-trembling wax' treatment, tarnished furniture immediately 'red', plastic garden edging ukmore effective than the women's cosmetics. You can also use the Polaroid beads or floor wax bought directly.
    Waxing should be noted that after the dust is completely removed, it will form wax spots, or cause abrasion and scratch. When waxing, we must master from shallow to deep, by the principle of point and surface, step by step, uniform waxing. Of course, the ideal or to professional manufacturers to wax. There is another way is to burn the wax, the wax dry wipe the surface of the furniture, and then use a hot hair dryer to dry the wax into a liquid state, with a brown brush even after cooling until solidification, and then use wood or bamboo will surface Float wax removed, and finally with a brown brush and cloth 'shake net', polish. This is a more
    professional and more difficult way, get a good package will engage in 'new', do not advocate amateurs and novices used. Children's bedroom 1. Children's bedroom can not be located in the side of the machine room, balcony, located in the machine room easily lead to brain weakness. 2. Doors at the door can not have a mirror door, so as not to talk more than right and wrong. 3. bedroom ceiling should be flat to milky white (dark fierce); ceiling decorative vertical and horizontal wooden, but not hanging all kinds of strange ornaments. cedar deck boards best price4. Do not shop the bedroom floor dark red carpet and hair blankets, so as to avoid suffering from bronchitis. 5. Do not hang too many campanula bedroom, so as to avoid nervous breakdown. 6. Bedroom light should be bright; the main color bogey, red, dark black, so easy to restless personality irritability. 7. Small bedroom, not decorating too complicated, making the room look too messy. Do not close the doll in the bedroom, locked up. Do not hedge the bedroom door with the toilet door. Children's bedroom walls 1. Children's bedroom walls can not be posted too fancy wallpaper, so as to avoid confusion, irritability. 2. The wall can not be posted peculiar bizarre animal portraits, so as to avoid strange behavior of children, because there must be spiritual shape, things to gather together. 3. The walls can not be posted Samurai fighting map, so as to avoid the child's mind to have a brave and ruthless mentality. Children's desk 1. Behind the desk and so can not be exposed. 2. desk can not face the toilet, nor can it be backed by toilet bathroom; not flush with the toilet bathroom door. 3. Not in the kitchen stove up and down, the toilet bathroom up and down.deck covering red deck paint 4. It is best not to have a high desk before oppression (bookshelf on the desk is not good). 5. desk can not be facing the alley outside the house, red road or water tower. Children's bed 1. Children's bed can not be placed under the