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  • bathroom and kitchen floor decking

    instructions according to the instructions, use lamps or there may be dangerous. Second, there is a problem of timely replacement of the light source parameters provided by the logo to replace the aging of the lamp and found the lamp red at both ends, the lamp black or dark, the lamp jump does not shine, it should promptly replace the lamp, Prevent ballast burning and other unsafe phenomena. Third, do not change the structure of the lamp cleaning and maintenance should be careful not to change the structure of the lamp, do not replace the lamp parts,composite deck joist span load after the cleaning and maintenance, the lamp should be installed as it is, do not miss, misplaced
    lamp zero part. Fourth, do not frequently switch in the use of lamps and lanterns as much as possible not to switch frequently, because the lamps in the moment of frequent start-up, through the filament current is greater than the normal work of the current, making the filament temperature rose rapidly accelerated sublimation, which will greatly reduce its Life, so to minimize the lamp switch. Fifth, the proper maintenance of lamps and lanterns in the use of the need to strengthen maintenance, to extend its service life. The lamp of the room should always be wiped with a dry cloth, and pay attention to prevent moisture intrusion, plastic panal for patioso as to avoid the
    phenomenon of rust damage or leakage and short circuit for a long time; the lamp installed in the toilet and the bathroom should be equipped with a moisture-proof lampshade otherwise it will greatly shorten the service life; Light installed in the kitchen should pay special attention fumes, because the accumulation of grease will affect the brightness of the light; light shade better transparency, but easy to dip ash, to diligently wipe, so as not to affect the penetration of light;pvc panels for outdoor lamps If non-metallic, use a damp cloth to avoid dust accumulation, affecting the lighting effect. Moist easily lead to rust lamps, paint off, but also shorten the lamp life. Therefore, the