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    decoration, we tend to focus mainly on the kitchen and bathroom above, while the childrens rooms and study more contempt, the following Xiaobian introduce you to the next study and children's room decoration Notes: The study must first be 'clear.' Because the human eye is too strong or weak light in the work, will have a great impact on vision. So the best desk on sunny but not direct window.stair and front rails rails of sheffield
    This work-tired can also take a closer look at the window to rest eyes. Study room must be equipped with lamp and bookcase with spotlights, easy for the owner to read and find books. But pay attention to the lamp to light evenly in the place of reading and
    writing, not too close to people, so glare glare. 'Static' is very necessary for the study, because people in a noisy environment to work more efficiently than in a quiet environment. Therefore, when decorating the study to use those sound insulation and sound effects of good decorative materials. Ceiling can be used gypsum board ceiling, wood grain vinyl fence shadow box
    the wall can be pvc sound-absorbing panels or soft decorative cloth and other decorations, the floor can be used sound-absorbing carpet, curtains to choose a thicker material to block out the window noise. Study layout to be as 'elegant.' In the study, not just a large bookcase, plus a large desk, a chair, to fully
    incorporate the fun of study in the decoration, an art collection, a few paintings or photos even if it is a few plain simple crafts, Can add a little elegant study for the study, somewhat fresh. Study also pay attention to a 'preface' word. Such as sub-write area,exterior gray vinyl panels 4x8
    access area, storage area, etc. were stored, so that even the study in an orderly manner, but also improve the efficiency of work. Writing desk, chair color, shape should be carefully designed to achieve a reasonable sitting and comfortable, easy to operate natural. In the hue should try to use cold colors. Style to be elegant, simple, quiet, solemn. Bookcase embellishment of some crafts, wall