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    drilling, nails, very convenient, the same wood can be used the same. Together with the wooden wood texture and plastic water-resistant anti-corrosion properties, making it a well-functioning and very popular outdoor waterproof and corrosion-resistant building materials. To replace the outdoor solid wood flooring,composite outdoor furniture kits save resources, green. In recent years, Europe and the United States on the market more and more co-extruded WPC products, by the end of 2010 WPC co-extrusion products accounted for the total amount of WPC products has more than 50%, not only traditional high-end wood-plastic windows and doors, handrails, Plastic co-extruded, even the low-end floors, fences, exterior wall
    panels, templates are also more and more use of plastic co-extruded wood, it can be said that wood-plastic co-extrusion has become the mainstream of wood-plastic products trend. Demand for WPCs plummets North American WPC market accounts for more than 70% of the global WPC market, with WPC flooring accounting for over 30%. Take WPC flooring as an example. According to the report by the U.S.japan composite decking board market research firm, the demand for WPC flooring in the United States increased steadily in 2010, of which sales of ordinary non-co-extruded WPC flooring decreased by 25% and that of co-extruded WPC flooring by 30%. At this year's International Building Exhibition 2011 in
    Orlando (IBS2011), I saw almost all foreign manufacturers are pushing the main wood-plastic co-extruded products, the author investigated the world's top 4 wood-plastic flooring manufacturers, their total Wulianmu plastic flooring floor accounted for 50 to 75% sales. The author also visited a number of building materials supermarkets (TheHomeDepot, Lowe's), co-extruded wood floor price to be 30 to 35% higher. where to buy floor laminate floor planksMarket research firm U.S. market research conducted on building materials supermarkets,