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the use of environmental protection

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  • the use of environmental protection

    10% special additives, such as antioxidant, Iubricane, colorant, ultraviolet absorbent.YongSheng Wood was manufactured by the special extruding machine of WPC in the high temperature and pressure. It looks like nature wood with higher degree of UV, lower linear change in the diferent temperature. For people who are new to wood products, the different names for 'wood' and 'wood' make them messy. In fact,wooden fence south africa plastic wood and wood are the same kind of thing, just take a different name only, but personally think that the
    uniform named 'plastic wood' is more appropriate. The reasons are the following: First, most of the wood fiber content in China's WPC product is greater than 50%, mainly wood; second, the material is mainly used to replace wood, is a kind of synthetic material made of plastic and wood fiber 'Wood'; Third, in the definition of American standards, it expresses the meaning of raw materials based on wood fiber. 'Wood' is the main body; Fourth, the search index of WPC in the network is higher than the search index of WPC.
    So call it 'plastic wood' is more reasonable. Plastic wood is the main component of plastic and natural fibers.wooden deck railing design plans A new type of composite material based on plant fiber and synthesized from plastic, with the advantages of plant fiber and plastic, has a wide range of applications and can cover almost all fields of use of wood,external supplier evaluation form plastic, steel, aluminum alloy and other similar composite materials , But also solve the plastic, wood industry waste resources recycling problem. Its main features are: raw material resources, product