Yongsheng WPC WPC varieties of wood, different models for different places, most of them suitable for flooring, wall panels, railings, fences, keel, immediately column, in addition, these WPC profiles can be made of different The color, the surface also has a variety of ways to make wood-plastic products look more beautiful and natural. Now,fiberon composite fence pickets many outdoor products are made of wood-plastic profiles, Yongsheng Wushu provide outdoor products are plastic leisure chairs, plastic trash, wood-plastic landscape Pieces,
WPC boxes and tree pool, welcome to ask to buy : 0575-82001678. In the online customer consultation process, an accidental opportunity came into contact with the concept of wood-plastic panels. At the time, a client asked about WPC. At that time, he asked me if my company's WPC could be used several times. At that time, I also felt baffling. Later,solid brick retainerwall with chain link fence attacted I concluded that he needed a building template, and that Shangyu Yongsheng New Material Limited production of wood-plastic profiles, today, we are the difference between
wood-plastic panels and wood-plastic profiles to make an analysis. WPC is generally refers to the building template, and it is a kind of energy-saving and green products, is following the wooden formwork,india wall panels composite steel formwork, bamboo glued formwork, steel formwork after a new generation of products, like and Other material WPC template, turnover times can reach more than 30 times, but also recycling. Temperature to adapt to a wide range of specifications adaptable, sawing, drilling, easy to use. The smoothness and smoothness of the surface of the formwork exceed the technical requirements of the existing clear concrete formwork, and have the functions of flame retardancy, corrosion