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WPC is a very suitable material for outdoor

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  • WPC is a very suitable material for outdoor

    l fade, brittle, easily damaged. The metal is also very hard to survive, long-term outdoor for easy rust, decay, not only ugly appearance, but also affect safety. The PE wood-plastic composite materials just a perfect solution to the above material problems, its anti-corrosion properties, anti-moth characteristics make it professional for outdoor use, so far, many coastal cities in the design of housing construction are taking into account this issue in outdoor Design will be air-conditioned protective railings designed,pressure treated hand railing but also designated as PE
    wood-plastic composite materials. Shangyu Yongsheng new materials are often received a similar case of engineering, if necessary, patio furniture composite woodcan call: 0575-82001678 inquiry. In the park, on the curb, we can see pavilions of all sizes for people to take a refreshment in the cool pavilions we saw in stone pavilions, wood, cloth and metal pavilions Among them, we have seen most of the pavilion material or wood to do it, but you know? You sometimes see that the wooden pavilion is likely to be a wooden pavilion, wooden pavilion made of wood with the appearance of the pavilion The difference is small, but because we mentioned earlier that WPC is a very suitable material for outdoor use, how can it be made in the
    pavilion? In general, wooden pavilion is still very welcome. Why, mainly because of brick and concrete structure, resin front decks porches unlimitedor wood pavilion compared to the pavilion, wooden pavilion itself has many advantages, such as fire prevention, environmental protection, preservation, less maintenance and so on. The wooden pavilion and other construction is completed or after the renovation is still required, brush paint, lettering, and after its high maintenance costs, but also set its brush paint, testing whether cracking, moth-eaten. The construction of