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Color of wooden door floor

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  • Color of wooden door floor

    when household is decorated, a lot of owner have trouble: Does the sitting room install floor or floor tile? What have depth to floor and floor tile now from a few respects is analytic,outdoor bench frame only let everybody can have more well-advised choice.
    The advantage of floor tile
    1, good; of fire prevention, waterproof, anticorrosive function
    2, environmental protection and modelling is rich.
    3, clear easily, maintain simple, hide not easily corrupt, without air contaminant;
    4, service life is long,cheap ideas for patio floors heat preservation heat insolation to differ;
    2, use area has limitation;
    3, individual floor tile can have radioactivity to pollute;
    4, cost is high, the shop holds complex,diy under deck ceiling construction trival.