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Civil Defence (CD) Field

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  • Civil Defence (CD) Field

    Located at the eastern side of the island in Tampines, the Civil Defence Field or "CD" Field as popularly called by hobbyist, is a squarish plot of almost empty land with an area of about 24.75 hectares / 61.15 acres. That's about 34 standard sized football fields. The land is bordered by paved roads and the only structure within the field is the Singapore Civil Defence Force 2nd Division HQ / Tampines Fire Station, hence the common name of the field.

    The field is one of the biggest ones that hobbyists and kite flyers flock into, and the sky above it is usually busy particularly on weekends. This is also a favorite among those living in the east due to its ease of access and having a lot of ad-hoc parking spaces along the roads bordering it on 3 sides.


    The field is well-liked by many plane and heli flyers, along with multirotor pilots due to its size, absence of obstacles, and relative distance from the populace. Kite flyers also frequent the field during windy days. More recently, buggies are also using the north end of the field. As for FPV flying, the field is great for chasing each other's model around, whether planes or multirotors, or for newbies trying out their skills and practicing before moving on to more technical aspect of the hobby like proximity flying.

    However, the field is not a sanctioned flying field by any government authority, thus its use for this hobby is all based on tolerance and the self-discipline of those using it.

    Types of models flown: planes, helis, multirotors, kites
    Types of flying: sports, 3D, formation, FPV chase
    Parking: anywhere along Tampines Industrial Ave 1, 2, and 3