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  • cheating consumers

    And some enterprises cut corners, cheating consumers, which is a lot of "quality gate" did not respond to the main reason, because it is contrary to the basic moral of the enterprise to do the bottom line. Many low-level ceramic tile industry, the pattern of small, state of shallow, and some simply can not communicate, some companies do not know what is marketing strategy.gray composite pergola
    Many enterprises like the old ox pulling carts, only know that hard work, but do not know looked up the road to find resources, planning, preparation, many companies are hurry first on the bus, after buying tickets, found wrong, and then U-turn. Tile enterprises, there is no shortage of cramming, dealers are looking for the door to find the design company to engage in image packaging;outdoor wooden flooring Iran
    advertising must be deadline to start looking for people to design the screen. The fire brigade is doing, the majority of people answer is to fire, in fact, fire, if it is fire fighting, no matter the size, there will always be losses! Enterprise lack of system planning, are temporary racking their brains. In fact, this seems to be the right strategy, but ignore the scientific basis and implementation details, often just the end of the paper on the battlefield.outdoor instant flooring