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carbon filter wpc flooring

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  • carbon filter wpc flooring

    carbon filter wpc flooring
    the chloride in water, in addition to smell and pollutant adsorption plays an important role.In recent years, such as filter, filter system to filter the rapid development of equipment manufacturing industry, due to the adsorption effect of active carbon has strong, it is used as a filter, filter material and widely used in water filtration and gas filter, etc.The following main introduce the adsorption principle of activated carbon filter.Belong to the amorphous carbon,
    activated carbon by many a type graphite layer structure of microcrystalline irregularly set, crystal defects, and has huge specific surface, porous structure.According to the raw material classification can be divided into coal activated carbon, wood charcoal, nut shell and bone carbon;According to its shape can be divided into cylindrical carbon, crushing, powder carbon, activated carbon fiber.The main raw material of activated carbon for coal, wood, shells and other carbon-rich organic material,
    formed by activation with adsorption ability of complex pore structure.In the pore radius is larger than 20000 nm for the big hole, between 150 and 20000 nm for the hole, is of less than 150 nm.Mainly in the gap of active carbon adsorption and surface, hole wall of the activated carbon molecules can produce strong gravity to attract the impurity in the water and air to the pore.Activated carbon adsorption can be divided into physical adsorption and chemical adsorption.
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