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electrical power wpc flooring

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  • electrical power wpc flooring

    electrical power wpc flooring
    the requirement of protection switch for water storage type electric water heater shall be separately set up power lines, don't share a power supply cord, with other high power electric appliance to open separate leakage, overload, over current protection device, such as the protection level of current value shall not be greater than the single electrical 2 times the rated current.4, to the requirement of wire and socket power wiring is not carefully,
    should be larger than the maximum electricity power rating of the electrical power by 50% or more, the current 6 amps ~ 10 amperes (power 1320 w ~ 2200 w), choose the power cord cross-sectional area of one square millimeter or higher;Current in 10 ~ 16 ampere ampere (power 2200 w ~ 3520 w), choose the power cord cross-sectional area 1.5 square millimeters or more;Current in 16 amp ~ 25 amperes (power 3520 w ~ 5500 w),
    select the power cord cross-sectional area acuity 2.5 mm2.Wire sheath should be waterproof, wear-resisting, thread and a joint adequately, a good strong connection.Use for a long time, can be simple with no warm feeling.Should be with electric water heater plug socket, it is best to use 16 amp way, especially when electric water heater dissipation power more than 2000 watts.It is best to use waterproof socket type,
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